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Malcolm Braeburn is a symptom of everything that’s wrong with modern society. They say it’s not possible to be too rich or too good-looking, but I strenuously disagree.

Too much of a good thing results in insufferable specimens like Malcolm Braeburn.

Technically, Malcolm is my step-brother, or at least he used to be. My mother was married to his father for about six months. Three months if you count the time between when they said, “I do,” and the time we moved out of the Braeburn mansion and back to the trailer park.

I haven’t seen Malcolm in ages, and that’s just fine with me. In fact, I’d have been perfectly happy never to see him again, but it turns out that when somebody sues you for defamation of character, you need a good lawyer.

Sue Me is a stand-alone romantic comedy short story that provides the reader of average speed with a one-hour sweet and swoony escape. Sue Me contains sizzling kisses, mild innuendo, and alcohol use but no strong language or explicit content.


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